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Money Back Policy

Although you have all the rights to get your money back, but there are some situations which you can’t get your money back

  • Credit Balance
  • Value added tax
  • If initial instructions were all followed
  • Additional services such as plagiarism report, discount, VIP service and abstract etc.
  • If you agree to the answers provide by our experts but it is not approved by the professor, partial refund will be given
  • Open dispute in system
  • There is an open dispute in our system;
  • Revision after 10 days, because in 1st 10 days we will provide you with free revisions
  • Lower grads because manual grading depends on teacher or instructor

Approval of refund

  • Double payment
  • Missing the deadline from our side, unless there is a gap at the end of customer such as no response or incomplete details
  • If we don’t have writer who can do your work. Although it is a rare case, still it can be a situation.
  • Quality concerns found by QA team in writer’s work
  • Unavailability of the expert who can revise your task. It will help you give 15-50% of refund. If your revision is done after deadline 15% compensation will be provided
  • Proof of intentional plagiarism found
  • Lack of satisfaction

Please note that in case of refund, we have the right to post work on our home page. You will lose possession of the content.

Timeline for refund

In order to get a refund, you will contact our mangers or the support team and they will forward your concern to the Billing Departments. They will evaluate the case and it can take up to 3 business days. You will be informed in case of any circumstance or exception in any of the case. The refund requested will be terminated if we will not hear from you within 5 business days.


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